San He Fengshui

What will you achieve in this 2 days course? You can use 4 water formulas together with tapping the prosperous Qi for home or office to achieve the desired result that you want.

  • Introduction of San He Feng Shui
  • Concept of San He Feng Shui
  • 4 water formulas
  • Qi flow and structural concepts
  • The 3 Combination
  • The 24 Mountains
  • The 12 Growth Stages
  • 72 Dragon formation
  • Understanding the Sitting and Facing
  • The structure of Qi
  • Tapping the prosperous qi for Stoves, Bed and Doors
  • Applications for Cashier, Exits, Offices, Shop houses, malls
  • Understanding Mountain and River formation
  • Water and Qi Flow
  • Identify the best unit for your house and office

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