Xuan Kong Flying Stars Course

What will you achieve in this 4 days course? You can work as full time or part time fengshui audit using this technique. Results on applications will be seen under our lineage. Wu Chang Sect lineage.

  • Ba Gua symbol, formation and implications
  • Ten Heavenly Stems
  • Twelve Earthly Branches
  • 60-year cycle of calendar
  • 24 solar terms
  • Early Heaven & Later Heaven of Ba Gua and their application
  • 24 Mountain
  • Luo Shu
  • San Sha
  • Wu Huang
  • Tai Sui
  • Sui Po
  • Annual and Monthly Star
  • 81 Combinations
  • Application on Stove, Door, Bed, Water.
  • Human relation
  • External land form
  • Combination of Ten
  • Fu Ying
  • Fan Ying
  • Imprisonment of Star
  • Castle Gate
  • Castle Gate Theory
  • Ling Shen (water placement technique)
  • Zheng Shen
  • Robbery of the Seven Stars
  • Substitute Star
  • How to Read Lou Pan
  • Site Visit and Practical

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