San He Fengshui

What will you achieve in this 2 days course? You can use 4 water formulas together with tapping the prosperous Qi for home or office to achieve the desired result that you want. Introduction of San He Feng Shui Concept of San He Feng Shui 4 water formulas Qi flow and structural concepts The 3 … Continue reading “San He Fengshui”

Xuan Kong Flying Stars Course

What will you achieve in this 4 days course? You can work as full time or part time fengshui audit using this technique. Results on applications will be seen under our lineage. Wu Chang Sect lineage. Ba Gua symbol, formation and implications Ten Heavenly Stems Twelve Earthly Branches 60-year cycle of calendar 24 solar terms … Continue reading “Xuan Kong Flying Stars Course”